One Way

2012/2013            59”x66.5”   140 x 169cm

There cannot be life without air, food, and water and we are poisoning all three. A pelican, its feathers covered in oil from the recent oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, tries to rise up from  the polluted waters, crying out to us his warning of the future that we are allowing to happen.

Behind him is a flooded small town, symbolizing a way of life that is drowning through the consequences of climate change. Telephone poles stand at a slant, cars are submerged; one street sign allows traffic to go straight ahead or turn left, while the one above, a one way sign, points right. We can only go in one direction. What future will we choose?

The small blue-green boxes at the bottom of the tapestry illustrate other consequences of our negligence. A hermaphroditic fish covered by the molecule for estrogen like a fishing net, represents what we are doing to the creatures that share our planet: we are literally poisoning them with our own waste. The zebra mussels and milfoil represent the invasive species that we carry in our wake as we trample over mother earth. The bits of plastic in the remaining two boxes were picked up from two beaches, one on the Pacific Ocean and one on the Mediterranean. We cannot sweep the refuse of our civilization beneath the sand and pretend it does not exist: it does not go away. There are vorteces of garbage and death in the oceans, captured in the natural gyres of warm ocean currents: plastics, dead fish, marine mammals, snared birds, and even plastic  particles that will never break down in our lifetime nor that of our grandchildren.

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