Dreams, Visions, Memories: Passing Shadow

1994/98, 59 x 49 (150 x 124cm)

In a cemetery in Krakow, the grave stones are being reclaimed by nature. Yet the central grave, that of a Kabbalistic scholar who died 400 years ago, is covered with stones and prayers left by recent visitors. The inscription on the grave states that he was a wise and holy man who saw Elijah face to face, and lived to tell the tale. He was a mystic and a scholar and wrote several books. His spirit is still alive for he lives on in the memories of those who visit his grave and ask for his blessing.

The Hebrew at the bottom of the tapestry comes from the Yiskor service, Psalms 144:4.

“Lord, what are we that you have regard for us?
What are we, that you are mindful of us?
We are like a breath;
our days are as a passing shadow;
We come and go like grass
Which in the morning shoots up, renewed,
And in the evenings fades and withers.”

Death cannot conquer as long as there is memory.

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